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Welcome to Odessa Ukraine. The city of Odessa Ukraine is unique and unlike any other place you have ever visited. It is full of vibrant nightlife, museums, beautiful beaches and relaxed atmosphere - all for your enjoyment. We at Odessa Apartments offer exclusive, high quality apartments located directly in the heart of Odessa Ukraine.

All of our apartments for rent are centrally located, safe and are fully furnished. Our apartments range from cheap economy to luxury high end. We provide a full range of hotel services upon request for the whole term of your stay. We specialize only in apartments for rent solely in Odessa, therefore our intimate knowledge of the city provides us with a clear advantage. Our promise is to make your stay in Odessa at one of our apartments for rent - as safe and comfortable as possible.

We invite you to see the charm of Odessa Ukraine for yourself. Our English speaking staff is standing by to assist you with your apartment rental bookings via phone, instant messengers or e-mail.

Lowest Price Guarantee -We have no doubt we have the lowest prices anywhere that we promise to beat or match competitors Price! More Details.

Comfort, Excellence and Value.

We understand what todays travelers are looking for on a trip. That is why we designed our Odessa Apartments just for them. An American Owned company, our fully serviced Odessa Ukraine apartment accommodations are a cheaper and more convenient alternative to inefficient Odessa hotels. All of our Odessa apartments for rent are centrally located, offering higher quality of rooms with full kitchens, wider range of services, lower prices and full privacy. Read More


ID: 1 Type: 2 Bedroom
Address: 24 Ekaterininskaya street / Bunina street
Offer: $39 per night
Conditions: 7 nights or more ....... more
ID: 103 Type: 2 Bedroom
Address: 33 Bunina Str / Grecheskaya Square
Offer: $54 per night
Conditions: 5 nights or more ...... more
ID: 84 Type: 2 Bedroom
Address: 35 Grecheskaya street / Grecheskaya sq
Offer: $44 per night
Conditions: 5 nights or more... more
ID: 152 Type: 1 Bedroom
Address: 27 Bunina street/ Ekaterininskaya street
Offer: $24 per night
Conditions: 5 nights or more ...... more
ID: 122 Type: 1 Bedroom
Address: 14 Voenniy Spusk/Ekaterininskaya Sq
Offer: $22 per night
Conditions: 7 nights or more ...... more
ID: 587 Type: 2 Bedroom
Address: Deribasovskaya street / City Garden
Offer: $59 per night
Conditions: 5 nights or more... more
ID: 585 Type: Studio
Address: Deribasovskaya street / City Garden
Offer: $29 per night
Conditions: 5 nights or more ... more
ID: 584 Type: 2 Bedroom
Address: 18 Sadovaya Str / Deribasovskaya Str
Offer: $39 per night
Conditions: 5 nights and more ... more
ID: 582 Type: Studio
Address: 18 Sadovaya Str / Deribasovskaya str
Offer: $26 per night
Conditions: 5 nights and more... more
ID: 581 Type: Studio
Address: 18 Sadovaya Str / Deribasovskaya str
Offer: $27 per night
Conditions: 5 nights and more... more
ID: 58 Type: 1 Bedroom
Address: 43 Koblevskaya Str / Sobornaya Square
Offer: $15 per night
Conditions: 7 nights and more ...... more
ID: 66 Type: 1 Bedroom
Address: 41 Koblevskaya Street / Sobornaya square
Offer: $19 per night
Conditions: 5 nights and more ... more
ID: 583 Type: 1 Bedroom
Address: 18 Sadovaya Str / Deribasovskaya Str
Offer: $23 per night
Conditions: 5 nights and more ...... more
ID: 95 Type: Studio
Address: 66 Preobrazhenskaya Str / Uspenskaya Str
Offer: $22 per night
Conditions: 7 nights or more....... more

Hello Arik. My trip to Odessa has ended and per your request my review is as follows. Apartment was great, especially liked having a Jacuzzi and balcony overlooking that quiet courtyard. Great trip and I surely will be back in the summer.;

Billy Kennedy, Australia 4-11-2013

Hi Julia. My feedback on the apartment beautiful, elegant apartment, verywell appointment and in great location right next to addidas store on Ekaterininskaya street. Tanya is a great employee, very patient and answered all my questions despite being in a rush. The only minor thing is that the batteries in the remote were very weak and I changed them myself ?

Roger, Ottawa Canada 1-9-2013

Comfortable, central and greatly equipped apartment in center of Odessa. No complaints here. Good job and I will be back.

Theo, Sweden 12-30-212

Great apartment with great location next to Kompot restaurant in Deribasovskaya. Nice view too, onto the main street, but windows good enough to keep the noise out. Friendly and help manager Tanya. The only thing is that we needed 3 sets of keys but got 2 sets, but thats a very minor issue.

Joshua, Tenafly NJ 10-30-212

Hello. You asked me my feedback so here it is. Great apartment, g reat location and just perfect stay in Odessa in every way. Apartment luxurious, not like the others that I have seen in CIS. Great job and Ill be back.

Frederico, Italy 7-19-2012

Dear Julia Thank you for your help and cooperation about my travel to Odessa and helping me with apartment. It was totally amazing, this is my fifth time in Odessa but first that I used your services. I was totally satisfied and so I will use your services again.

Best regards, Levent Topan from Turkey, 7-4-2012

Hi Julia. I wanted to share my praises for you and Tanya on my last visit to odessa. Everything went as smoothly as I could have imagined. The pickup, check in with Tanya (shes a great girl). Your communications were great too and the apartments you have are easy to choose from on your site. Great work and I hope to travel back to Odessa next year.

Craig, London UK, 5-04-2012

Hi all. Id like to take a moment to thank you and your staff for always providing such wonderful services when I travel back to Odessa!!! The last apartment where I stayed next to the opera house was absolutelye phenomenal. It always feel like returning to Odessa is truly home-away from home when I stay there. I look forward to my next trip in summer of 2012 and will be in touch in the next few weeks to arrange deposit once I arrange my plans.

All the best, Jeff, Ohio 2-26-2012

Dear Julia. Sorry for lat reply. Thank you fro your nice hospitality. I am really really so happy of your services, especially Mr. Vladimir the driver, he is a great person. Next time if I come to Odessa your apartments again will be my first choice.

Eray Erentak, 12-18-11

Hi Julia, You may remember I stayed in your apartment off Deribasovkaya Street a couple of months ago. I am the editor of a Travel Newspaper here in Ireland and I wrote a piece on Odessa, and actually mentioned Odessa Apartments at the end of the piece.....To read the full article on Odessa from Brian please click here.

Brian, 10-15-11

dear tanya, i wanted to thank you for a plesant stay at the apartment you suggested ID 64. The aparmtnet has absolutely central location in Odessa, even though your center is small, it's still nice to be in the middle of things. I was a bit nervous at first since I had not used apartmnet services before, but thankgod all my worries were relieved when I saw your driver. Anyway, keep up the good work and I hope to visit next summer for Euro championship.

Hakan, United Kingdom 6-7-11

Hi Odesssaapts team. We had a great stay with you this spring and am coming back in July. I need n apartment again for....Again, thank you for wonderful service and I look forward to seeing you next month.

Victor, 5-27-11

Dear Julia. I am back home. Everything went wonderfully on our stay. Your driver is a funny guy, tell him I said hello from Arizona. Your professional service and true caring for the clients seems to come through in everything you do. This was my 3rd stay with you guys and I would not hesitate to recommend your agency to anyone considering going to Odessa.

Regards from George Gotlib, 3-18-11

Hi Arik. I want to thank you for your recommendation for my apartment on Ekaterininskaya street. Me and Katia are enjoying our stay in Odessa greatly. Your manager Olga is a darling, say hello to her for me. The apartment is also working out great. Thanks again,

Inma Roberdo, Sweden 1-12-11

Julie. I am returning to Odessa in November and this time we will need the apartment on Ekarterininskaya street where we stayed last time for 29 nights. Our exact dates are from November 20th to December 9th. Also, I wanted to compliment you and your staff for the wonderful job you do every time I visit Odessa. You are true professionals in what you do. Pleasant to deal with and those discounts you give us certainly help. If I can get a bigger discount on this stay that would certainly also help! Look forward to hearing from you. If that apartment is not available, please let me know of other economy apartments in that area for about the same budget as last time. Thank you!

Your loyal client, Jeff Randall 10-12-10

Hello. Our warmest greeings from Spain. Big thank you for doing wonderful service on our trip to Odessa. Everything was good, service was great and apartment on bunina fantastic. Spacious and close to everything. We particularly liked getting breakfast at Kompot in Odessa, great place! True luxury apartment in Odessa just like your commercial say. We will try to visit again next summer.

Miguel & Antonio from Spain, 8-29-10

Dear Arik. We are safely back at home and what a trip it was! As per your request, I am sending you our review and feedback so you can post it on your site. I can assure anyone reading this that this is a real review, from real clients. If you wish, you can give my phone number and email out to those that ask. As you may remember, this was my familys first trip back to Odessa and Ukraine in 24 years. We had to accommodate 14 people for a wedding party and this included our 86 year old grandmother. To say that I was nervous is a huge understament. We initially considered hotels, but given the number of people and our budget, paying 200 euros per night was not an option for us. When I looked at apartment rental agencies in Odessa I felt lost. There are so many, who do you choose? Who do you trust. Well I put my trust in you and what a relief. You guys do a superb job, the apartments were exactly as described we booked a total of 3 and one of them was even nicer I thought than on the photos. Olgas service at check in was wonderful and polite. Our driver Vladimir was courteous and helped us with the bags and told us where to go for dinner and breakfast. I can go on some more about our trip but this letter is already too long. Again, if anyone is visiting Odessa do not shop around, simply book your apartment with Odessa apartment!

Best wishes from Gluzberg family, Anna & Boris. 8-24-10

Hi Guys. Quick thank you note for your highly professional attitude while on our stay in Odessa. I travel frequently throughout Eastern Europe and know all the ins and outs of apartment rentals. I have also been going to Odessa now for 3 years and used a number of agencies with various results. However, I think I can confidently now say that I have found the agency I will use from now on which is odessaapts. Your attitude and approach to clients is in complete contrast to many of the companies in Odessa and I give you great deal of respect for that. I will be back in September and will hit you up then.

Best regards, David Braun 7-2-10

Hello Arik. Huge thank you for being so patient with me on the phone and giving me your personal recommendations on apartments and Odessa in general. Me and Sveta had a wonderful stay at apartment on Rsihelskaya street (spelling?). Odessa is a very pretty city, its a shame the government does not do more to keep it nice and neat. Although the contrast between the gorgeous buildings and the ones crumbling is also kind of interesting. Also, say hello to Olga for me, she was a darling at check in to our apartment.

Regards, Ernie Foti, United States 5-16-10

Hi Julie. We are back from our stay in Odessa and I wanted to compliment you on a job well done! Ukraine for now does not seem like a place where service is emphasized greatly but in your case everything went smoothly and as per plan. Your website is also fantastic, very easy to use and so many apartments, maybe even too many. I may return in July since Olga talked up those Arkadia (sp?) nightclubs so much, sure does sound tempting.

All the best, Randy from Delaware, 4-04-10

We are having a great time in Odessa. We got lucky with the weather for March but sure have not let it go pass us just how much help Julia you have been for helping us select the right apartment for us. This location could not be better and the apartment itself is clean and comfortable. I never rented apartments before since I am used to hotels but if I ever return to Ukraine I now know whom to call.

Tom McBryde, 3-29-10

Dear Arik & Julia. Thank you for making our return trip to Odessa so comfortable. I know we had a few small issues at first but Olga was so quick to resolve them that we were simply blown away. I was nervous to return to the place where I grew up and have not seen in 20 years but your Odessa apartments agency made this much easier on me. Also, the economy apartment you proposed was actually not economy at all and I would even kind of call it luxury in some ways, especially the bathroom. We live in Milwaukee now but we do not have a Jacuzzi in our house .

Rima from Milwaukee, 12-07-09

Hi Julia. I am back in Portland but I had a desire to write back to you about the wonderful stay I had in Odessa, no small part thanks to you. Going to Ukraine was a big trip for me as you may imagine but you made it so much easier. Also say to Olga that I was very grateful for her recommendations for restaurants and nightclubs, they were exactly what the doctor prescribed. So in summary, to you and all of your staff at Odessa apartments great job! Next time I return to Odessa I know whom to call.

Thanks again, John from Portland 9-21-09

Thanks to you and Anna for everything you helped me with on this first trip of mine outside of US. Who whould have thought my first trip in 42 yrears outside would have been Odessa Ukraine. Well in any case, you guys were tremendous help and if everything works out, I will be going back in the fall.

Todd Morris, United States - Cincinatti 5-21-09

Hi Guys, It’s Italian Luca again. I am coming to Odessa and will reserve my fly in few days. I will send email with dates but before I want to say to Julie that I really really appreciate your service and you do a really good job with everything. I was calling a few times before for some small things but you always give me good service no matter about my question. It is really good to know I have such good friend like you in Ukriane. I will speak to you in a day or two once my fly is done.

Luca Matrino, Italy Roma 7-30-08

Dear Julie - Julien here, wanted to let you know that everything worked out wonderfully with the apartment and the location next to the opera house was absolutely phenomenal. Walking out onto the balony for morning cup of coffee with that view was amazing. Odessa is just an awesome city and I love the small compact downtown. I couldn’t get enough. Anna is very efficient and your driver is a great guy too it seems. I think I may be back to Kiev next time but if work allows, I will make a stop in Odessa for a few days too. I will speak to you then.

Julien Bonnie, United Kingdom 5-04-08

Hi Trip was wonderful and please tell thank you to the driver who helped with the luggage sitauation that the Airport. The Airline company delivered it the next day but it was a hectic hours while dealing with the Soviet authorities J Also, the flat was absolutely wonderful and I can compare since it was my second time in Odessa and I stayed at apartment last time too. I will be recommending you to any of my friends that plan on going there so keep up the great work!

Thank you,
John Bohler, United States MS 1-26-08

Hi Julia This was my 4th time staying with you guys and honestly you run an absolutely fantastic operation. I have been to many cities in Ukraine as you know, but your agency is so much more professional than most of the rest. I will be coming back in August and would again prefer to stay at ID 63. I don’t have my dates yet but likely will be the second week. I know you can’t hold……..

Warm Regards to you and your family
Orest, Norway Bergen 8-18-07

Hi Julia & Arik We are back in the states and I wanted to let you know how nice my stay was with you guys. I am so glad I chose you even though my husband was worried but everything worked out so great. I have not been in Odessa since we left 20 years ago so you can imagine by hesitancy. Also Arik was super helpful on the phone so please tell him my thanks when you can. I am really genuinely greatful for the apartment recommendation and great service so please feel free to post this in your testimonial section if you wish.

Again, thank you for everything,
Alla & Sergei, United States NY 5-3-07

Dear Julia: Please accept my best regards to Anna. She did a great job answering all the questions at my check in and sorry to be a pain but I had a question I wantedt to ask about possibly purchasing real estate in Odessa.....

Thanks again,
Andy Lohan, Orlando FL 3-27-07

Hello Julia, Thank you for the professional service. We had a great weekend in Odessa and enjoyed our stay in the apartment.

Pawel Majewski, Poland 11-8-06

Dear Julia, I wanted to write you a letter and thank you for arranging my ride to Nikolaev on such short notice and aslo with a very nice apartment recommendation. Please use me as a reference for any future travelers to Odessa but only by request (not have the email posted on your page).

Thanks again,
Michael Ants, United States CO 9-14-06

Hi Julia, Thanks a lot for the flat and the service. Everything went perfect,

Have a great day and best regards
Christian United Kingdom, Bristol 9-2-06

Article about Odessa published in Guardian Unlimited UK - Mentioning
Tim Bryan, 7-15-06 (page bottom)

Hello Julia- Sorry for not replying sooner. Twice, I have now rented apartments in Odessa from you. Both times stress free . I wanted to thank you for the apartment in Odessa, which was suggested as a replacement for my first choice which was booked. The alternate apartment’s accommodations were great, next to all Odessa attractions. It was a nice touch of you to arrange my taxi driver to bring my fiancé to the airport for my arrival. Pleasant surprise, after spending 15+ hours in flight. Also, Tanya is a wonderful translator, please give her my best. Good luck and if I ever need to rent an apartment in Odessa again I will think of you first.

Kind Regards,
Jim McCann, United States FL 7-12-2005

Arik, the apartment rented in Odessa was great. You run a glitch free operation mate. Your advice on Odessa nightlife and the beaches were golden! It would probably take us at least a few days to figure out all the best spots our own. Lucky lad, you spend most of your time in this city full of gorgeous women. Enjoy it while you can - soon you'll have some competition. I'm already gathering up the crew for another long weekend in Odessa!!! Itaka watch out.

Paul Koelble, London UK 6-27-2005

Hi Julia. You asked me for a reference so here I am. I rented an apartment in Odessa on Kobalevskaya St and I just wanted to tell you everything went fine. The location is excellent and the apartment was in very good condition. I will most certainly recommend it to anyone who is looking to rent an apartment in Odessa. Also the driver you sent for me at the airport was absolutely hilarious. I wish you the best and also feel free to give out my e-mail address if anyone wants a personal reference or Odessa tips from a yank.

Dan Shtern, United States CT 4-22-2005

Julia thanks for writing me. I just want to tell everyone out there - I had no problems whatsoever renting my apartment in Odessa through you albeit the fact that I had to change my flight dates last minute. The fact that I did not lose my deposit shows that you genuinely care and value your customers - unfortunately a seldom act in most of Ukraine. Thanks for all your help.

Ian Newman, New Zealand 11-20-2004

Julia - Thank you for contacting me. Yes the trip was wonderful and Odessa is in my heart forever now. Luckily for me, I live close enough that I can visit in the future if I desire and of course I will use you again for my Odessa apartment arrangement. I and my brother had a great stay at the apartment and again I thank you for arranging it and being so clear with everything. If anyone in Turkey asks about Odessa I will make sure to recommend you

Nihad, Istanbul Turkey 08-20-2004

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